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Setup tool
Chocolate Doom's menu-driven tool for configuring the program.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to various common questions about the port.
Command line arguments
How to run Chocolate Doom.
How to use Chocolate Doom with Freedoom.
TCs and WAD files
Instructions on using certain popular mods.
Gameplay enhancements
Recommended mods to supercharge your Doom gameplay.
How to play Chocolate Doom multiplayer.
Secret configuration options
Advanced options which don't appear in the setup tool.

Online assistance[edit]

You can get help online from several sources:

Discord Chocolate Doomslayers
Active Discord server with 200 and growing members.
IRC #chocolate-doom
Contains Chocolate Doom users knowledgeable about the port. IRC web chat is available here.
Doomworld forums discussion thread
The Doomworld forums contain many experts on the subject who may be able to answer your questions.
Email the Chocolate Doom development mailing list
Contact the authors of the source port directly.


If you discover a bug, please submit a bug report. However, some bugs are actually intended behavior. See the NOT-BUGS file that was included in your download (viewable here).