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Chocolate Doom with linear screen filtering. Some people actually think this looks good, I guess??

To keep Chocolate Doom easy to configure, many of its more obscure configuration options are not shown in the setup tool. However, you can still access them by editing chocolate-doom.cfg manually. This page contains a list of some of these obscure options and what they do.

Display options[edit]

Fullscreen mode[edit]

Normally the game runs at the desktop resolution so that the monitor does not change modes when switching to fullscreen. It can be forced to a particular resolution using the fullscreen_width / fullscreen_height variables. For example:

fullscreen_width    1024
fullscreen_height   768

Window position[edit]

By default the game window appears in the center of the screen. This can be overridden to appear at a fixed location by setting the window_position variable. For example, to make the window appear at 100 pixels from the left edge and 50 pixels from the top:

window_position    "100,50"

Faster startup[edit]

When switching to full screen mode, Chocolate Doom by default waits for a second for the screen to settle before starting the game. This can be disabled by changing startup_delay, eg.

startup_delay    0

Alternatively you can make it wait longer, eg.

startup_delay    2000

Force integer screen scaling[edit]

The screen can sometimes look a bit blurry when the game runs at a low resolution. This can be mitigated by setting integer_scaling to 1, which will force scaling to be an integer multiple in at least one dimension.

Linear scaling[edit]

Chocolate Doom goes to great lengths to preserve an accurate "blocky" screen scale-up, but there are a few people who prefer linear screen scaling instead. You can do this by setting max_scaling_buffer_pixels to 64000 (i.e., 320*200):

max_scaling_buffer_pixels    64000

VGA porch emulation[edit]

The "porch" is the area of a CRT monitor that surrounds the main image. When DOS Doom is used with a CRT monitor, the porch area will flash and otherwise change in response to the game's palette changes. This can be emulated by setting the vga_porch_flash config variable:

vga_porch_flash     1

Loading disk icon[edit]

The disk icon flashes at the bottom right when data is loaded from disk. To turn this off, set the show_diskicon config variable:

show_diskicon    0



Custom music output[edit]

The snd_musiccmd variable can be used to invoke an arbitrary command to play MIDI music. For example:

snd_musiccmd    "aplaymidi -p 128:0"

Emulating GUS cards[edit]

By default, Chocolate Doom's GUS emulation emulates a 1MiB GUS card. But it can be changed to emulate other memory sizes. For example, to emulate a 256KiB card instead:

gus_ram_kb    256

Konami code[edit]

From the main menu in the setup tool, type the Konami code to get Fraggle's preferred configuration defaults:


This corresponds to the following:

  • WASD for movement
  • Scroll wheel cycles weapons
  • PNG screenshots
  • Vanilla savegame and demo limits disabled
  • ENDOOM screen disabled and no graphical startup
  • Adlib music in OPL3 mode