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Click below to download the latest release of Chocolate Doom (version 3.0.1). You can also read the release notes for this release to find out what's new, along with this, an autobuild of the port can be found here.

Windows logo.png Microsoft Windows binaries: choose the game you want to play:
Apple logo.png Apple macOS binaries:
Open source logo.png Source code (all platforms; GNU GPL v2):
Tux-and-beastie.png Linux, BSD and other Unix-like systems: The Chocolate Doom project does not distribute binaries for these systems, but there are packages available in most Linux and BSD distributions. Check out Installing Chocolate Doom on Linux for instructions.
Chocolate Doom supports a number of different games and mods based on the Doom engine.
Soul sphere.png Supercharge your Doom experience with Gameplay enhancements!

Chocolate Doom is Open Source and Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.

All downloads are GPG-signed by Chocolate Doom's principal author. See the downloads directory for the full listing, including GPG signatures.

The OSI logo trademark is the trademark of Open Source Initiative.