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Youtube video demonstrating hi-res sound effects and SC-55 MIDI music, listed below.

This page is intended to be a list of recommended vanilla-compatible gameplay enhancement mods with similar philosophies to Chocolate Doom.

Doom Minor Sprite Fixing Project[edit]

The Sprite Fixing Project provides minor adjustments to fix issues with some of Doom's sprites, such as:

  • Fixes for single-pixel graphical errors
  • Adjustment of sprite offsets to improve animation of certain monsters
  • Addition of extra rotation angles for zombie monsters which were omitted from the official IWADs.

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Perkristian hi-res Doom sound pack[edit]

The hi-res sound pack contains remastered versions of the Doom sound effects which have been remade at higher sampling rates (Doom's original sound effects were sampled at 11025Hz, which is considered fairly low-quality nowadays).

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Roland SC-55 music packs[edit]

These downloadable music packs contain high quality recordings of Doom's music played through a Roland SC-55, the MIDI synthesizer used by Bobby Prince when composing Doom's music. Usable with Chocolate Doom's digital music packs feature.

External links[edit]

  • Website with downloads for the music packs.

EAWPATS sound font[edit]

There are a wide variety of options available for music playback with Chocolate Doom. One good option is to use Timidity, and the EAWPATS patch set makes for a good time-tested starter set.

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For more information on this article, visit the DMXOPL page on the Doom Wiki.

If you're more of a fan of chiptune-style music, DMXOPL provides a replacement set of OPL instrument patches that can be used with Chocolate Doom's OPL MIDI playback.

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Vanilla Doom smooth weapons patch[edit]

The vanilla Doom smooth weapons patch allows users to play Smooth Doom (a mod not made for vanilla ports) on vanilla ports. This patch should work fine with most PWADs, along with most of the IWADs supported by Chocolate Doom, however, the patch might not work as intended (or at all) while using a DeHackEd file (.deh).

The patch should not cause desyncing while recording or playing back a demo.

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British Doom Localisation Patch[edit]

Play Doom the right way, with British English. No longer will your eyes be harmed by American English again!

French Doom translation[edit]

Useful patch that is a recreation of the official French translation of Doom II, in the form of a PWAD file and dehacked patch.