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This page shows a selection of screenshots of Chocolate Doom in action. More screenshots can be found in Category:Screenshots.

[edit] Multiplatform

Chocolate Doom is portable to multiple operating systems and processor architectures:

More platform screenshots...

[edit] Version 2

Version 2 of Chocolate Doom adds support for Heretic, Hexen and Strife. These are commercial games that were developed based on the Doom engine.

[edit] Mods and TCs

Chocolate Doom has built in dehacked support which allows it to play a number of classic TCs.

Its compatibility features also allow problematic levels such as Doomsday of UAC to be played:

Chocolate-uac dead.png

More WAD screenshots...

[edit] Multiplayer

Chocolate Doom can be played over the internet either directly peer-to-peer or using a dedicated server.

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