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Chocolate Doom running on Solaris 2.6 on a SPARC processor.

One of the main design aims of Chocolate Doom is to be portable, running on as many different processor architectures and operating systems as possible. To help achieve this, it is based on LibSDL, which provides a cross-platform interface for developing portable multimedia applications such as games.

To date, Chocolate Doom has been successfully run on:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Linux (various different distributions, Intel x86, x86-64, ARM and PowerPC variants)
  • BSD
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • Solaris (Intel and SPARC variants)
  • Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC variants)

Screenshots of Chocolate Doom running on various different platforms can be seen here.

Older editions of Windows, such as Win9x and NT 3.51, are now unsupported but may still be usable. Version 2.2.1 or earlier of Chocolate Doom is recommended.

It will likely run on various other operating systems - see the list of platforms supported by SDL.