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Chocolate Heretic is a port of the Heretic source code to the Chocolate Doom codebase. The aim is to develop a Heretic source port that includes the features of Chocolate Doom.


Work on Chocolate Heretic began in 2008 immediately after the Raven source code licensing issue was resolved with the re-release of the Heretic and Hexen sources under the GNU GPL. The port was developed as part of the raven-branch code branch and was eventually released as part of Chocolate Doom version 2.0.

While many other source ports of Heretic already exist, Chocolate Heretic is unique in supporting the HHE patch format, the Heretic equivalent of Dehacked.

Gameplay screenshot[edit]

Chocolate Heretic, running from the raven-branch code.

More screenshots can be found in Category:Heretic screenshots.

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