Installing Chocolate Doom on Linux

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Chocolate Doom running on EndeavourOS, playing Doom 404 map 20

Installing Chocolate Doom on Linux is usually a matter of using your Linux distribution's package manager. Most popular Linux distributions have a Chocolate Doom install package.

The Chocolate Doom project does not distribute Linux binaries (see here for why).

Linux distributions[edit]

Alpine Linux: sudo apk add chocolate-doom

Arch Linux: yay -S chocolate-doom

Debian / Ubuntu: apt install chocolate-doom

Note that in releases of Debian before v9, you must enable the contrib area to access the package.

Fedora: dnf install chocolate-doom

Gentoo: See Building Chocolate Doom on Gentoo.

Guix System: guix install chocolate-doom

Linux Mint: sudo apt install chocolate-doom

Mageia: urpmi chocolate-doom

OpenSuSE: zypper install chocolate-doom

Void Linux: sudo xbps-install chocolate-doom


FreeBSD: pkg install chocolate-doom

OpenBSD: pkg_add chocolate-doom

NetBSD: pkg_add chocolate-doom

DragonFlyBSD: pkg install chocolate-doom


See Building Chocolate Doom on Linux for instructions on how to build from source.

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