The Sky May Be

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The Sky May Be running under Chocolate Doom
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The Sky May Be is an infamous [1] WAD file for Doom 1; having been loved and hated equally by all sorts of people. The WAD does have a clunky DOS installation which might be confusing on how to get it to run properly on Chocolate Doom.


  1. Download a copy of
  2. Extract SKYMAYBE.EXE.
    Under Unix systems this can be done using the unzip command, eg. unzip -L skymaybe.exe
  3. The SKYMAYBE.EXE file is a self-extracting RAR file. Rename it to skymaybe.rar, and extract it using your favorite archive program.
    Under Unix systems, this can be done using the unrar command, eg. unrar x skymaybe.rar
  4. Run Chocolate Doom with the following parameters
chocolate-doom -merge _smb417.wad -deh blessed.deh