Building Chocolate Doom on Mac OS X

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Chocolate Doom running on OSX

Chocolate Doom's current releases include a Mac OS X binary, but you can also create your own build.

First, install Apple's Xcode development environment, which can be found here (you will need to register for the Apple site to download this). This is necessary as it includes a copy of the compiler and libraries needed to build Chocolate Doom.

There is a script which will automatically build Chocolate Doom and all its prerequisites. To run the script, open a Terminal and type:

 curl | sh

Chocolate Doom will be built in your home folder in ~/chocolate-doom. Copy a Doom IWAD file (doom.wad, doom1.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad or plutonia.wad) into this folder, then type:

cd ~/chocolate-doom


Chocolate Doom is available via the Homebrew package management system, within the 'games' tap:

brew tap homebrew/games
brew install chocolate-doom


For the forthcoming V3 release, chocpkg is the official way of building Chocolate Doom on all platforms.

You will need to install Apple's XCode development environment or the separate XCode command line tools in order to run chocpkg and build Chocolate Doom. If you do not already have these, launch the *Terminal* application and type the following

xcode-select --install