Building Chocolate Doom on Mac OS X

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Chocolate Doom running on OSX

Chocolate Doom's current releases include a Mac OS X binary, but you can also create your own build.

Xcode setup[edit]

First, install Apple's Xcode development environment, which can be found here (you will need to register for the Apple site to download this). This is necessary as it includes a copy of the compiler and libraries needed to build Chocolate Doom.

Launch the *Terminal* application and type the following

xcode-select --install


Since the V3 release, chocpkg is the official way of building Chocolate Doom on all platforms.

Open the *Terminal* application and clone the chocpkg repository:

git clone

Then to build:

cd chocpkg
./chocpkg/chocpkg build chocolate-doom

or for the latest version from Git:

./chocpkg/chocpkg build chocolate-doom/latest