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chocpkg is Chocolate Doom's build system which will be used for all Chocolate Doom builds from version 3 onwards.


chocpkg is based on shell scripts and designed to be a modular replacement for the old Chocolate Doom build script. Chocolate Doom now depends on a number of different libraries for various functionality, and a system was needed that could build all of these dependencies.

Features include:

  • Dependency tracking and recursive installation of dependencies.
  • Package groups for easy installation of optional dependencies.
  • Allows detection of installed system libraries and compilation of dependencies where such libraries are missing.
  • Multiple ways of fetching and building packages; packages based on autotools and pkg-config are the easiest to build.
  • Support for cross-compilation.

Quick example[edit]

cd chocpkg
./chocpkg install chocolate-doom


List the names of all known packages.
info [package]
Display a description of the specified package, or all packages.
install <package>
Build and install the specified package, if not already installed.
reinstall <package>
Rebuild and reinstall the specified package, even if installed.
build <package>
Fetch and build the specified package, but do not install it.
fetch <package>
Download the specified package but do not build it.

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