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Traditionally, TCs like Aliens TC required modification of the main WAD file

Vanilla Doom does not support loading modified sprites in PWAD files. As a result, most TCs were traditionally distributed in the form of a WAD file which had to be merged with the main IWAD file. This was usually done through an included program like "deusf" or "nwt".

Chocolate Doom retains Vanilla Doom's behavior when loading PWADs using the "-file" command line option, and will not load sprites correctly. However, it includes new command line options which simulate the action of merging a WAD file into the IWAD. Different options are provided to simulate the behavior of different tools.


The majority of sprite and flat mods use the DeuSF program. Merging of this type is simulated using the -merge command line option.

As an example, to load the WAD needed for Aliens TC:

chocolate-doom -merge alitcsf.wad -file alitcsnd.wad alitcwad.wad -deh atcud19.deh


Some mods (such as Mordeth) use NWT. In this case, there are three command line options:

-af <file> 
Merges flats from the given PWAD. Equivalent to nwt -af <file>.
-as <file> 
Merges sprites from the given PWAD. Equivalent to nwt -as <file>.
-aa <file> 
Merges all flats and sprites from the given PWAD. Equivalent to nwt -af <file> -as <file>.

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