Perdition's Gate

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Perdition's Gate is a commercial 32-level add-on that was originally slated to be a third megawad included in Final Doom. For more information about its development, visit Tom Mustaine's website.


An eleven level demo of the wad can be downloaded freely.

  1. Download Perdition's Gate and extract it.
  2. Run with the following options:
chocolate-doom -merge PG-LTD.WAD

Full version[edit]

The full version of the wad originally came on a CD-ROM with a DOS-based installer, but the installer does not have to be used.

  1. Insert the CD-ROM and navigate to the PG directory.
  2. Copy the file PG-RAW-X.WAD to your hard disk. Additionally, if you wish to watch the opening demos, you can also copy PGDEMO19.WAD.
  3. Run with the following options:
chocolate-doom -file PG-RAW-X.WAD PGDEMO19.WAD

Note that the DOS installer renames PG-RAW-X.WAD to PERDGATE.WAD when choosing a minimal install, so you may wish to do the same.