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Even if you are not a programmer, you can help out by contributing to the Chocolate Doom Wiki. Every page on this website can be edited to fix errors and add new information.

TC instructions[edit]

One aim of this site is to add instructions on how to play TCs under Chocolate Doom. You can help by adding pages for TCs which have not yet been documented.

Include a screenshot of the TC on the page. Please run Chocolate Doom in windowed mode, and take a screenshot so that the title bar is visible; this demonstrates that the TC is running in Chocolate Doom.

A list of well-known TCs can be found here. Be sure to only try those listed as "Vanilla Doom" in the "Engine" column.

Old screenshots[edit]

The wiki has a fair number of screenshots, but some of them are now out of date and don't accurately show current versions of Chocolate Doom. You can help update Old screenshots by replacing them with new ones (see the page for information on how to take screenshots).

Other information[edit]

If you know of anything missing from the website, feel free to add it. Do not be afraid to make any change you feel will improve the site, no matter how bold.