Accurate ENDOOM emulation

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Doom 64 for Doom II ENDOOM screen shown in Chocolate Doom.

Whenever you exit out of Doom in DOS, a screen called ENDOOM is shown, this is a colorful pop-up that usually says who made the WAD, it can also have information such as the web address of the person who made the mod. Many WADs modify the ENDOOM screen in interesting and artistic ways, an example of a custom ENDOOM screen is seen on the right.

Today, many modern source ports of Doom will have the option to show this screen turned off by default, however, not only will Chocolate Doom have this fetcher turned on by default, but it also ensures that this feature is not lost by having an accurate emulation of the DOS text mode display in order that the ENDOOM screen can be displayed.

ENDOOM display is implemented in a cross-platform way, so ENDOOM screens are shown correctly on all Operating Systems and platforms.

If you are not a fan of this and wish to turn ENDOOM off, simply go to the settings for Chocolate Doom, select the "Configure Display" button, next click on "Advanced", after this, you can toggle the "Show ENDOOM screen on exit" option either on or off.