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Chocolate Doom running Eternal Doom with Freedoom.

Freedoom is a free game project that can be used to play Doom without the original proprietary game files. However, Phase 1+2 requires a Boom-compatible engine to run, while only the FreeDM component of Freedoom is vanilla-compatible. Because Chocolate Doom is only compatible with Vanilla Doom, Freedoom: Phase 1+2 does not run properly with Chocolate Doom.

However, Chocolate Doom can still be made to run with Freedoom. The only incompatibility between the two is that the levels distributed with Freedoom do not run. Because of this, Freedoom will run without problems provided that replacement levels are always loaded.

Simple instructions:

  1. Download and extract Chocolate Doom.
  2. Download and extract Freedoom, and copy the freedoom2.wad file into the Chocolate Doom folder.
  3. Find a megawad or TC, that replaces all 32 levels of Doom 2 (Map01 - Map32), and load it in the normal way with the -file parameter. For example:
chocolate-doom -iwad freedoom2.wad -file filename.wad

[edit] Suggested Megawads

The idgames archive is a good place to find WADs to play with. Not all levels will work with Chocolate Doom - look for levels that are marked as "Vanilla compatible", will run with "Doom 1.9", or "no advanced engine required".

[edit] Doom 2 Megawads (for freedoom2.wad)

Megawad idgames link
Alien Vendetta
Eternal Doom
Icarus: Alien Vanguard
Memento Mori
Memento Mori II

More Doom 2 megawads can be found in the levels/doom2/megawads/ directory of the /idgames archive.

[edit] Final Doom Megawads (for freedoom2.wad)

Support for Final Doom in Chocolate Doom is implemented by an internal set of mission packs. These are normally selected automatically when the IWAD file name is named as tnt.wad or plutonia.wad. However, even though Freedoom: Phase 2 supports megawads for both Final Doom games, it defaults to behaving as Doom II, which can make DeHackEd patches not fully work or cause demos to desync. This can be fixed with the -pack parameter, which can accept the values tnt and plutonia, for example:

chocolate-doom -iwad freedoom2.wad -pack plutonia -file filename.wad
Megawad idgames link
Plutonia 2
Plutonia: Revisited Community Project
TNT 2: Devilution n/a: wip forum link

[edit] Doom 1 Megawads (for freedoom1.wad)

Megawad idgames link
2002: A Doom Odyssey
Base Ganymede
Doom the Way id Did

More Doom 1 megawads can be found in the levels/doom/megawads/ directory of the /idgames archive.

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