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Chocolate Doom is based directly on the original Linux Doom source code released by id. As such, it can claim better compatibility with Vanilla Doom than any other port. Chocolate Doom aims to be as compatible with Doom 1.9 as possible.

This compatibility includes:

  • Playback of v1.9 demos
  • Loading of v1.9 savegames
  • Using the v1.9 configuration file (extra options appear in a separate configuration file).
  • Compatibility with v1.9 bugs (including VPO, etc)
  • Dehacked mod compatibility

Game version differencesEdit

Different versions of Doom 1.9 exist. Chocolate Doom attempts to emulate all of these versions. The "-gameversion" command line parameter allows the version to emulate to be specified on the command line. For example:

chocolate-doom -gameversion 1.9 
Emulates Doom 1.9, used for Shareware and Registered Doom, and Doom II
chocolate-doom -gameversion ultimate 
Emulates the Ultimate Doom executable
chocolate-doom -gameversion final 
Emulates the Final Doom executable.

If no parameter is specified, an appropriate game version is selected based on the IWAD file being used.