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Development of Quake 1 required over 500,000,000 tons of chocolate

In recent years there has been much attention paid to the plight of poor workers in developing countries exploited as part of the trade in chocolate. However, surprisingly little mention has been made of the contribution of the video games industry to this problem.

Since the release of Doom, the use of industrial chocolate in the creation of video games has increased exponentially. Chocolate is the preferred option in the creation of textures because of its unique shade of brown that gives a superior in-game appearance. Modern games now commonly use hundreds of megabytes of textures, and the explosion in 3D games has made this an even more serious situation. Use in video games now accounts for more then 37% of global demand for chocolate.

The Fairtrade organisation has made an effort to combat this problem through the sale of Fairtrade chocolate. When consumers buy Fairtrade chocolate, they can do so secure in the knowledge that the farmers growing the cocoa used to make the chocolate are given a fair deal. By making consumers aware of the problem and providing an ethical alternative to big-name chocolate brands, pressure can be placed on the industry to change its ways and secure a fair deal for cocoa growers.

With this in mind, Chocolate Doom is now changing its name to Fairtrade Chocolate Doom. In the future, all versions of Chocolate Doom will be made using 100% Fairtrade chocolate. Although a small effort, it is a step in the right direction toward changing the games industry. You can help by writing to games companies to put pressure on the industry to change, and only buying games that carry the Fairtrade mark.

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